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Who am I to others? To God? To myself?

A mobile immersive experience exploring identity, desire, and faith. Rochester, 1996 is the story of an urban pastor, his teenaged daughter, and one Sunday that shapes the rest of their lives. In a three-hour odyssey across five locations in Los Angeles, audience members are drawn into the lives of the Shoemaker family in an experience described as "downright perfect" by No Proscenium.


Speakeasy Society's Golden Key Award for "Immersive Theatre" - Hollywood Fringe Festival 2018

Production History: Premiered at Hollywood Fringe Festival (June 2018) as a co-production with Drycræft Los Angeles; Los Angeles, CA (Sept-Oct 2018).

Written & Directed by Lauren Ludwig | Produced by Monica Miklas & Thaddeus Shafer | Production Design by Jonny Taylor (LA) / Patrick Blanchard (HFF) | Lighting Design by Brandon Baruch | Sound Design by Dave McKeever | Costume Design by Rachel Weir | Stage Managed by Christina Bryan (LA) / Liv Wafler (HFF) | Dramaturgy by Monica Miklas | Story Development by Thaddeus Shafer


Performed by Kaniah Chapman, Nerea Duhart (HFF), Lauren Flans, Lorinda Hawkins Smith, Dasha Kittredge, Grace Lee (LA), Cammie Middleton, Lorraine Moreland, Julia Nejman (LA), Kelsey Olson (HFF), Thaddeus Shafer, Soren Royer-McHugh

Photos: Robin Roemer

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