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What does it take to find hope
each day?

A highly interactive recreation of a bad first date. One audience member at a time has a night out with "Emma" - a woman struggling to make sense of her life in Los Angeles. Over the course of their hour alone together, the audience member and Emma get to know one another intimately, exploring risk, disappointment, and the cost of perpetual hope.


"Best Overall Immersive Work" - Immersive Critics' Circle at the Hollywood Fringe Festival, 2017

Production History: Premiered at Hollywood Fringe Festival (June 2017); San Diego Fringe Festival (July 2017); Los Angeles, CA (Aug-Dec 2017); Denver Film Festival (Nov 2018); Los Angeles, CA (Oct-Dec 2018); IndieCade Festival (Oct 2019).


An online adaptation of the piece entitled "Red Flags: A Video Date" was performed via Zoom (April-May 2020).

Written & Directed by Lauren Ludwig | Produced by Monica Miklas | Production Managed by Christina Bryan | Dramaturgy by Monica Miklas

Performed by Lauren Flans, Heather Gottlieb, and Haylee Nichele

Selfies: Lauren Flans

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