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How do we grieve together?

Hamlet-Mobile is an immersive, site-specific adaptation of Shakespeare's Hamlet staged in a cargo van. Each night, the Hamlet-Mobile parks in a new location and performs one of eight short pieces for groups of one to four people. Repeat audience members can piece together the meta-narrative of The Moving Shadow, a fictional theater company grieving the loss of its founder by performing Hamlet.


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Huffington Post - 10 Things I Loved About the 2015 Hollywood Fringe Festival

KCRW's "Opening the Curtain" - An Audience of One

Los Angeles Review of Books - Break-Up Sex In A Hamlet-Mobile


Published in the Applause anthology Best Plays From American Theater Festivals 2015

"Best Game Design" - IndieCade Festival of Independent Games, 2016

Nominated for  "Best of Dance and Physical Theater" - Hollywood Fringe Festival, 2015

Production History: Premiered at Hollywood Fringe Festival (June 2015); IndieCade Festival (Oct 2016); Los Angeles, CA (Oct-Nov 2016); Denver Film Festival (Nov 2018).

Written & Directed by Lauren Ludwig | Produced by Monica Miklas | Production Design by Shing Yin Khor | Costume Design by Rachel Weir | Lighting Design by Brandon Baruch | Sound Design by Dave McKeever

Performed by J.B. Waterman, Elizabeth Prestel, Heather Gottlieb, Hunter Seagroves, Frank Smith, Eli Weinberg

Photos: Trisha Harrison

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