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Who will show up to meet you?

Commissioned by Off Center at The Denver Center for the Performing Arts

One-audience-member-at-a-time shows up for a blind date at the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver with Tailor, 'a friend of a friend.' Tailor wants to skip the small talk and dive into the big questions, guiding the audience through an exploration of art, death, and the way we expose our true selves through the strange ritual of dating. Tailor is played by four distinct actors, so that audience members have no idea what age, gender, or race their date will be.

The Blind Date was conceived as part of Between Us, a triptych of small audience experiences from three artistic teams, all designed to explore unexpected spaces and connections.

Production History: Premiered at The Denver Center for the Performing Arts, Denver, CO (April-May 2019)

Written and Directed by Lauren Ludwig | Creative Producing and Dramaturgy by Monica Miklas | Stage Managed by Rachel Ducat

Performed by Chelsea Frye, Jenna Moll Reyes, Mare Trevathan, Justin Walvoord

Special thanks to our Venue Partner: Museum of Contemporary Art Denver

Photos: Cheyenne Michaels

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