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Oct 30 // The Dumb Show @ Echo Park Lake


Oct 30 // The Dumb Show @ Echo Park Lake


The trumpet sounds. Dumb show follows. 

Featuring Heather Ann Gottlieb, JB Waterman and Eli Weinberg. 

The Dumb Show is an experience for four audience members at a time ONLY. You may purchase one to four tickets to a time slot.


LANDMARK: Echo Park Lake

The van will be parked within a 5-minute drive of the landmark. Exact location will be texted to you and posted on Twitter one hour before the performance window begins.

Your entire experience at the Hamlet-Mobile will take 20-25 minutes.

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  • Hamlet-Mobile is an interactive, immersive experience. You will be in close proximity to actors, who may touch you or ask you to participate. 
  • Large bags will hinder your Hamlet-Mobile experience and may not be permitted, per the discretion of the box office. We recommend leaving them at home.
  • This performance does not require entering/exiting the van, but does require guests to move around the outside of the van.