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Oct 27 // The Gravedigger Hotboxes the Van @ Echo Park Lake


Oct 27 // The Gravedigger Hotboxes the Van @ Echo Park Lake


What is he that builds stronger than either the
mason, the shipwright, or the carpenter?

Featuring Frank Smith and Eli Weinberg.

The Gravedigger Hotboxes the Van is an experience for one audience member at a time ONLY. You may purchase one ticket to a time slot.


LANDMARK: Echo Park Lake

The van will be parked within a 5-minute drive of the landmark. Exact location will be texted to you and posted on Twitter one hour before the performance window begins.

Your entire experience at the Hamlet-Mobile will take 20-25 minutes.

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  • Hamlet-Mobile is an interactive, immersive experience. You will be in close proximity to actors, who may touch you or ask you to participate. 
  • Large bags will hinder your Hamlet-Mobile experience and may not be permitted, per the discretion of the box office. We recommend leaving them at home.
  • This performance does not require entering/exiting the van, but does require guests to move around the outside of the van.