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Rochester, 1996 is a new piece exploring questions of faith, identity, service, and family through a day in the life of a young urban pastor and his teenaged child. The immersive, interactive performance will take place in multiple locations, beginning and ending in Hollywood, as part of the Hollywood Fringe Festival. Emotional and physical comfort with the audience is a must. An ability to improvise in character is a must (though comedy improv training is not needed.) Previous immersive experience is a plus, but not required.

This show is a work-in-progress; the roles listed below will evolve and grow more refined through the casting and development process. Actors of all ethnicities and genders are strongly encouraged to apply. Actors of all spiritual backgrounds are welcome and should note that Rochester, 1996 is a play about religion, not a religious play.

  • TEENAGE DAUGHTER — (18-22, but looks 14-15) The daughter in a white Christian family. Watchful, observant, conflicted. They are genderqueer, but at a time in their life where they don’t even know that’s an option. They often feel like more of a parent than their parents. They are emotional glue that holds the family together. Spanish language skills a plus.
  • ADOPTED SON — (18-22, but looks 16) A Sudanese refugee staying with a white Christian family. He’s been in America 6 months. He is separated from his family and dealing with the culture shock of this transition. Though naturally talkative and curious, the language barrier and traumas in his past leave him feeling isolated.
  • CHURCHGOER #1 — (mid 20s-mid 30s) An immigrant from the Dominican Republic who belongs to the church. She has found a community here. Naturally generous, she now finds herself the person in need. She’s not entirely comfortable with that role reversal. Ability to speak Spanish required.
  • CHURCHGOER #2 — (40s-50s) An African American woman who is a regular in the church. She has a strong voice in the community and speaks up when she isn’t happy with the direction the church is going. Though she respects the Pastor, she sees the church as hers in many ways. Direct, confident, and genuinely religious.
  • CHURCHGOER #3 — (late 20s-late 30s) A white lower income woman who comes to church every Sunday but doesn’t really believe. She has multiple kids and uses the church for free childcare. She struggles with substance abuse. On the surface, she seems like an agent of chaos, and even an asshole. Wherever her vulnerable side lives in her, she doesn’t show it at church.

Don’t fit any of these roles? If you are interested in this project, but aren’t sure where you fit in, come audition anyway! We are open to shaping the characters to the actors if the fit is right.

For the audition, please prepare:

  • a monologue we provide (two options below)

  • a 2-minute true story from your own life about a time when you needed help and someone or something helped you

The show’s style is highly naturalistic. Actors are encouraged to keep that in mind as they prepare.

Devising and rehearsal April-May, 2018. Workshop run dates in June, with full opening in July. Variable schedule with performances 3-4 days per week.

Audition dates:

April 9, 7-9pm, April 10, 7-9pm. Los Feliz. Please contact Monica Miklas for appointment:

About the production team:

Lauren Ludwig (Capital W) – Director, Writer

Monica Miklas (Capital W) – Producer, Dramaturg

Thaddeus Shafer (DryCræft) – Story Development, Cast

Audition sides available here.