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A mobile immersive experience of identity, desire, and faith, Rochester, 1996 is the story of an urban pastor, his teenage daughter, and one Sunday that shaped the rest of their lives. In a three-hour odyssey across Los Angeles, audience members are drawn into the lives of the Shoemaker family in an experience described as "downright perfect" by No Proscenium.

Rochester, 1996 debuted at the 2018 Hollywood Fringe Festival, winning the Speakeasy Society's Golden Key Award for immersive theatre.

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Rochester, 1996 is a co-production of Capital W and DryCræft Los Angeles. 



WINNER - Golden Key Award, Hollywood Fringe Festival 2018

No Proscenium - Recreating A Moment In Time

the production team

Lauren Ludwig – Director, Writer

Monica Miklas – Producer, Dramaturg

Thaddeus Shafer – Story Development, Producer

Brandon Baruch - Lighting Design

Dave McKeever - Sound Design

Rachel Weir - Costume Design

Patrick  Blanchard - Production Design

Liv Wafler - Stage Management


(Fringe Workshop Production)

Thaddeus Shafer, Nerea Duhart, Lorinda Hawkins Smith, Dasha Kittredge, Lauren Flans, Cammie Middleton, Soren Royer-McHugh, Kelsey Olson


all of our Indiegogo donors

Ajay Davuluri, Chelsea Lutz, Laurel Vail, flyingkayak77, Laura Vogel, Gianna Masi, ohbridget, Ashley Steed, Amin El Gamal, Lisanne Sartor, Arielle Sara Levine, Melinda Lauw, Casey Baker, Pam Wishbow, Ryan Harrison, Lisanne Sartor, Joanna Whitney, Dylan Ris,, Melissa Johnson, Mason Flink, Meredith Berg-Erwin, Elizabeth Prestel, John Pick, Megan Breen, Erika Schmidt, Katelyn Schiller, Ally Fion, Lauren Bello, Will Holt, Katy Kammeyer, Noah Nelson, Avi Strausberg, Randi Ludwig, Bruce Lemon Jr., Cristen Brinkerhoff, bpyates, Aaron Kogan, ncimiluca, Ron Najor, Alex Burger, Doris Roberts, Sarah Smith, crwollman, Dana Greenblatt, cjksleb, Matthew Bamberg-Johnson, Jay Bushman, Cara Mandel, Eric Hoff, Ed Ludwig, Randi Ludwig, Russell E., Robin Roemer, Bennett Webber, Joan Ludwig, Doron Kipper, Adrienne Relyea, Brigid Miklas, Robert Miklas, Eva Anderson, Landon Zakheim, Frank Smith, Craig Relyea, Ross G